Laura Marling - Not Done Travelling chords

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The whole song is C to G to D to G! 

C                                G
I took the winter to travel
C                      G
Headed for the road
D                         G
Couldnít bear no sunshine
D                        G
I took off on my own
C                              G
Wonít see me till springtime
C                      G
Never see me again
D                             G
I am headed for the east coast
D                              G
To find my wayward friend
C                                G
He likes the mountains in the daytime

..... and continue on 

Heís fond of the desert at night

I think he likes to be alone

So I curl up at his side

You wonít hear a peep from me boy

Never see me again

If I choose to run some

Iíd run till the mountains end

I think he likes my silence

I think he likes my smell

I like the way you hit your teeth

When you talk about what you know well

You wonít hear a peep from me boy

I may never say a word again

Oh before I take my silence

Iíd like to get to know you friend

I like it here on the east coast

I like the state Iím in

I like the way you live here

But Iím not done travelling

I should stay here a while though

I cannot just run again

But Iím in love with you boy

Come with me travelling

It may not last forever

Nothing ever does

And thereís nothing quite so fickle

As a travelling loverís love

Iíll come back for you boy

Iíll be back again

Oh when the road doesnít call me

My travels there will end
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