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Laura Marling - Your Only Doll Dora chords

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I've been playing this song using the first tab from here and it sounds great, but 
judging by the video, she plays it slightly differently. Thought I'd stick that version up.
(First tab, so let me know if I've made any major mistakes!)

Capo on 4th fret.

Chords (relative to capo) are:

Asus4 0    G 0    Dsus2 0    Am7 0
      0      0          3        1
      0      0          2        0
      0      0          0        2
      5      2          0        0
      5      3          0        0

(Not sure of these chord name - any suggestions would be much appreciated...)

On chord 1, hammer your finger on the B string, 3rd fret. On chord 2, do the same on the 
2nd fret of the D string. You can hear it pretty clearly in the song, if you're not 
sure where to put it.

Asus4  G  Asus4   G

I fell into the street
Poison in my veins
Clamber to my feet
And into the night again
Back to my home
Back to my owner
Who screams at my tardiness,
Put his hands to the sky

And says
'What can I do, with a girl
                     Asus4  G
If she refuses to be mine?'


In his bed I am queen
Unobtainable me
Sexual being
Human with feelings
The two are not me
The two will not be mine


And what can you do
With a girl, if she
Refuses to be mine?


Put his hand on my shirt
Hand on my face
Head to the wall
When you've broken your only doll


And what will you do
With a girl
If she refuses to be alive?

And you've broken your only doll
And what will you do with a girl
If she's refusing to be alive?

Hope that helps!
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