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Laura Marling - Love Be Brave tab

There was no tab for this so thought I'd work it out. Used the following YouTube Video:

On the album is played with a capo on the second fret, in the video above without a Capo.
Standard Tuning: EADGBE

All the shapes are below, some parts I've been a bit lazy with the plucking, missing out 
notes here and there, but listen to the song and you'll be able to piece it all together.

Intro + verse (Part 1)


Just repeat this pattern for verse

"What will I do then?" (Part 2)


Repeat Part 1

Repeat Part 2

"Love be Brave" (Part 3)

--------4----5----2---2-----2---2------| Followed by Part 2, then repeat

The repeat all the above until

 "Here comes a change over me" (Part 4)



Those are all the parts, apart from a slight variation on Part 2 where she moves all the 
way down the guitar neck adding to the end.


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