Laura Story - Mighty To Save chords

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Cmaj9                     G
      Everyone needs compassion
a love that's never failing
   Dsus D              Cmaj9
Let mercy fall on   me
                      G                       Em7
everyone needs forgiveness; the kindess of a savior
   Dsus  D             Csus2  Dsus   Csus2/E  D/F#
the hope of nations

G                          D                  Cmaj9       G
Savior/  he can move the mountains/ my god is mighty to save
       Em7          D
He is mighty to save
    G                 D                    Cmaj9           G
forever/ author of salvation/  he rose and conquered the grave
        Em7             D     Cmaj9  Gadd2  Em7  Dsus  
Jesus conquered the grave

Csus2                      G
    So take me as you find me
all my fears and failures
Dsus D
fill my life again
Csus2                G                        Em7
i give my life to follow/  everything I believe in
Dsus  D       Csus2     Dsus       Csus2   D/F#
I     surrender   Yes I  Surrender


shine your light and
G                     D
   let the whole world see
we're singing
for the glory
of the risen
king   Jesus

Chorus 1

Chorus 2
          G                            D
you're my savior/  you can move the mountains
            Cmaj9         G          Em7          D
God, you are mighty to save,  you are mighty to save
   G                    D
forever/  author of salvation
             Cmaj9            G            Em7            D   Cmaj9
you rose and conquered the grave, yes you conquered the grave
Gadd2                        Cmaj9  G/D  D7  G
      you are mighty to save
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