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Laura Veirs - Riptide tab

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Ok I can't get the middle part of the song, I'll just leave it chordless. This is my 
of riptide, comment if you have adjustments to be made by all means! Any help is welcome!

Song: Riptide
Artist: Willy Mason
Album: If the ocean gets rough

Capo: 1st
Standard Tuning
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E                    B                   Dsus2
i need a new song, shift it all around, like the ocean
when the riptide gets you down
E                  B                     Dsus2
take some, from the ones you love, in the old town
when the riptide gets you down

sing i can still breathe i can still walk
i can still see neilgen walking up the dock
Dsus2                                   A
i remember when i carved my name into this cedar tree
sing while i'm walking sabbys on the rocks
with a new reel flashing casting as he talks
he came home from the city
when they choked out all of his dreams

and i guess you could say that this is me
and i guess that these folks are the only ones i believe
everywhere i go i'm going to the ocean

Thats all I got
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