Lawrence Arabia - Ive Smoked Too Much chords

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Believe it or not, this is a song that really means a lot to me, and it's
come to define my freshman year. I was disappointed to see that no one had
chorded it out yet, but pleased to realize the chords were simple enough that
I could do it myself. Enjoy this beautiful song!

Lawrence of Arabia - "I've Smoked Too Much"

G   C   G
Em  C   G

Verse 1:
More than twice I've enjoyed the delight of a wrapper
Rolled it up and blocked out the clatter 
G                                             D
By braving up from the bowels of the planet below 
I’ll smoke the world’s problems in a cloak of illusion
Then clarity comes from confusion
  G                                           D
I don’t need much but the sound of a steel guitar 
The sound of my own voice, 
      C            G
the bell of a saxophone


Verse 2 (same chords):
Once again I find my toenails need clipping 
My tongue is numb, my nose has been dripping 
I've been sniffing for about a week now 
My hair is looking duller and lanker 
It's longer, I've never looked much like a gangster 
But now, I don't look like a gangster at all 

           Em                              G
There's a sudden lack of excitement in my day 
        Em                                G              
All my exhibition's neighbors have moved away 

      G                    B
I've smoked too much, I've smoked too much 
       Em                              C
And my mind is losing memories of your sweet touch 
                         G               C
My lungs have never felt worse 
                          G               C
Less of a blessing than a curse 
                             G           D
I’m looking through an empty purse and I see
    B               C                   G       
The cleanness of my dreams all turn to dust. 

Doo-doo-doos x2

Verse 3 (same chords):
Take the time of your life and times it by three 
That's what we get when we leave the city 
You're a pretty girl, but you look better in the country. 
We can sense each other's thoughts all night 
And stare into pupils under the moonlight 
We won't be apart until one of us is dead 
But which one of us will that be? 
There's panic running through my head 


Doo-doo-doos x2
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