Lawrence Arms - Warped Summer Extravaganza chords

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Like most of Chris's Sundowner stuff I think this is Capo'd on the fourth.
I'm not 100% on the chord progressions but I think it sounds good like this, as 
long as you have fun playing it who really cares anyway. 

Peace out, Stephen. LARRY ARMS FOREVER! 

C                                   G
it's burning and it's burning, it's burning,
          Am         G          F
a fire inside that i just don't believe
C                   G
some call it anger, some say frustration
    Am        G             F
but i think i call this big greed
     C                   G
this time the circus has left without us
    Am       G    F
and we could run away
    C                    G
the fringe is the center now,
                Am   G   F (quickly) 
hey boys that's great

when i woke up in hawthorne,
  G                      Am            G      F
i took ocean down to the fairground to see everyone
C                   G                         Am
so beautiful that i drown in the waves of the haircuts
G              F
spin kicks and jumps
       C              G            Am   F
well i got my bottled water and my nachos,
   Am      G            F
it came in under twenty bucks
C                           G
i got this bad taste in the back of my mouth
        Am          G         F
from my time on the back of a bus

C                          G                  
this summer vacation, it's cheap and it's true
     Am         G                F
it's ideals are intact, it's the best we can do
     C                       G
this time you turn into your own enemy 
    Am            G        F
not sell outs but dictated economies

 Am  G F x 2

                     C                               G 
these thieves, these thieves in their flip-flops and bro attitudes
    Am       G         F
are the very reason we do what we do
       C                      G
when i say fuck the man, it's what i believe
   Am         G        F
no matter who that man happens to be.
   Am         G        F
no matter who that man happens to be.

     C                     G
this kevin or that one, it all seems the same
Am          G        F
exploit the avenues, fix all the gains
C                      G
maybe they'll buy everything that you sell
        Am            G     F
but i'm outside these fences,
rolling fast down that hill...F

fuck your warped ideals! 
C G Am F x 2
mother fucker! (end on C)
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