Lds Hymnbook - High On The Mountain Top 5 chords

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D    G                     D G           D
High on the mountain top   A banner is unfurled.

D  G                D      G        A       D
Ye nations now look up; It waves to all the world.

D  D    G           G    A   D
In Deseret's sweet, peaceful land,

D  D D7   G   Em Am G/D  D  G
On Zion's mount  be-hold it stand.

D   G                     D   G               D
For God remembers still   His promise made of old

D    G            D             G        A       D
That he on Zion's hill, Truth's standard would unfold.

D   D            G       G     A   D
Her light should there attract the gaze

D  D   D7  G  Em Am G/D D   G
Of all the world in lat-ter days.

D    G                           D   G           D
His house shall there be reared, His glory to display,

D   G               D        G       A        D
And people shall be heard in distant lands to say:

D     D      G      G     A   D
We'll now go up and serve the Lord,

D D   D7  G  Em Am  G/D   D   G
O-bey his truth and learn his word.

D   G                        D   G                D
For there we shall be taught The law that will go forth,

D    G                D           G      A       D
With truth and wisdom fraught, To govern all the earth.

D  D    G         G    A     D
Forever there his ways we'll tread,

D   D    D7  G   Em Am   G/D D   G
And save our-selves with all our dead.

Text: Joel H. Johnson, 1802-1882
Music: Ebenezer Beesley, 1840-1906
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