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Lea Salonga - Promise Me tab

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Title: Promise Me
Artist: Lea Salonga

                   This is the new song of Lea Salonga
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Intro: Bm-A-D-F#m-E-Bm-A

Bm9               A
You light up another cigarette
F#m                  GM7
And I pour the wine
Bm9                         A
It's 4 o clock in the morning
         F#m               GM7
And it's starting toget light
Bm                      A
Now I'm right and I wanna be
 F#              G
Losing track of time
   Em                   F#       Bm
But I wish that it was still last night


Bm                       A 
You look like you'rein another
world But I can't read your mind
Bm                  A
How can you be so far away
F#m              G 
Lying by my side


F#               Bm
When I go away I'll miss you
D7                      Em
And I willbe thinking of you
C             D   
Every night and day just...


G                         Bm
Promise me, you'll wait for me
Am                         D 
Coz I'll be saying all my love
for you
D             C
And I'll be home soon
G                      Bm
Promise me, you'll wait for me
Am                 D#dim7
I need to know you feel the
same way too
C                     D
I'll be home, I'll be home soon



(repeat refrain and chorus)
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