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Lee Hazlewood - Lady Bird tab

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Lady Bird

F#m                 E
I've been where the eagle flies.
F#m                   E
Rode his wings 'cross autumn skies.
F#m             E
Kissed the sun, touched the moon.
F#m            E
But he left me much too soon.
     F#m     E F#m E        F#m  E    F#m
His lady bird...he left his lady bird.

F#m       E
Lady bird come on down.
F#m              E
I'm here waiting on the ground.
F#m            E
Lady bird I'll treat you good.
     F#m        E
Ah, lady bird I wish you would.
    F#m     E F#m E     F#m  E    F#m
You lady bird... pretty lady bird.

Lightning flashed across the sky.
The night he taught me how to fly.
The sun came up and then I found.
Too soon he let his lady down.
His lady bird...I'm his lady bird.


Winter lives in my heart.
In the times that we're apart.
Summer sings a song or two.
When he says 'I love you true'.
My lady bird...yeah, I'm his lady bird.


by: Josť Duarte
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