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Lee Hazlewood - And I Loved You Then tab

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And I Loved You Then

Intro: Am  E
    Am            E
You said tell me about yourself
    Am                   E
And I said I’m just what you see
Dm              Am
When I was just six years old
  E				    E7 
I fell and skinned both my knees
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A               E7
And I loved you then 
A               D
And I loved you then
            A              E7             Am    E
I loved you then, love you now, loved you then

You smiled and said oh please go on
I like your cute stories
Well when I was just twelve years old
The girl nest door kissed me


You said please excuse me now
I see my love waiting for me
When you walked away from that small café
You took the best part of me                


by: José Duarte
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