Lee Hazlewood - Friendship Train tab

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Friendship Train

C                F                   G              C
Youíve been hurt and Iíve been hurt, now we live in pain
             F                G                 C
Take my hand and ride with me on the friendship train
            F                     G            C
Weíll go to some little place and wait for the end
                F                   G               C
There Iíll hold and comfort you and love you like a friend

C                    Bb
Iíll love you like a friend when you cry Iíll lie and say 
                            C           C/D  C  C/D  C
Youíre not feeling like yourself today
Iíll love you like a friend when youíre blue Iíll do
                            C          C/D  C  C/D  C 
Anything and everything you want me to
         Bb               C
And Iíll do for you, Iíll do for you

Youíve been down and Iíve been down and down, I guess, weíll stay 
Love was just another word we taught someone to say
So letís ride the friendship train, who knows we might win
But win or lose Iíll stay with you, love you like a friend


by: Josť Duarte
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