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Lee Hazlewood - Strangers Lovers Friends tab

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Strangers, Lovers, Friends

E                               B7
Strangers, sit across from each other
                     A                            E
Smile across to each other, reach across to each other
Strangers, dance and stare at each other
                         A                  E 
Could they care for each other, why do they bother?

Em                D 
He thinks he sees something in her he needs
Em                  D                    B7                    D
She hopes she finds something in him she needs or theyll stay strangers

Lovers holding hands with each other
Making plans for each other, arent they grand for each other
Lovers, theyre a part of each other
Soul and heart of each other, why do they bother?

Youve done it all so then is new?
Youre so much him hes so much you, and youre lovers

Friends sitting there by each other
Afraid to stare at each other, theyre so fare with each other
Friends, they still speak to each other
Once a week to each other, why do they bother?

Too much too son, too short too wise
God bless us all were so civilized and were still friends

by: Jos Duarte
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