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Lee Hazlewood - Rainbow Woman tab

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Rainbow Woman

Intro:  G  C  G

G                           C             G
I saw her reflection in the shadow of the sun
                              F               G
Listening to the cadence of a dying drummersí drum
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G              G7             C
She knew I was coming nearer, she said no but I did not hear her
D       C               D       C  
Rainbow woman, rainbow, rainbow woman, woman
D       G     C  G
Rainbow woman
When I heard her laughter I was more than some surprised
In her smile was sadness there was laughter in her eyes

Chorus + instrumental verse and chorus

Self respect is absent in a lonely manís mirage 
Love is sometimes given in a salty tear corsage 

Make the Gods that made her claim her, she comes and goes and so I named her
Rainbow woman, rainbow, rainbow woman, woman
Rainbow woman (repeat)

by: Josť Duarte
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