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Lee Hazlewood - Them Girls tab

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Them Girls 

Them girls call me such and such
Them girls with society's touch
A long blond hair and a money to spent
Them girls did me in

Them girls took the boys so fine
Ruined his world and warped his mind
Them girls did that to me
I let them Lord don't you see
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Them girls keep me out past eight
Let me kiss 'em then reciprocate
Them girls WIll be the death of me
But if I gotta go I go gladly fFor them girls them girls

Them girls do groovy things
Them girls buy me golden rings
Them girls made me live again
And I'm in good shape for the shape I'm in


Them girls show me things brand new
A razzmatazz and a hoopy-my-do
Them girls 'll be the death of me 
But if I gotta go I go gladly For them girls them girls
Them girls, them girls...

by: Josť Duarte
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