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Lee Hazlewood - Feathers tab

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Intro:  E  A  E  B  E  B
Thursday is just another day 
    A	                              B
The weatherman said rain and it did Feathers
I took you to a place where flowers had grown
        A                B
If only they’d known you Feathers

You were the best, I loved you best
    A                             B
And so I say to hell with all the rest, 
I’ll miss you, Feathers

Your friends were few just one or two walked by 
to say goodbye to you Feathers
the women of the town they let you down
not one of them came round Feathers


Later on that afternoon the sun came out
And then the moon Feathers
And man that once were so afraid
Laid flowers on your steel wet grave Feathers


And when they all had gone away
I stayed a while and tried to pray Feathers
Instead I wrote this words to you 
The closest to a prayer i knew Feathers


by: José Duarte
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