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Lee Hazlewood - Congratulations tab

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       Cm              F                              Gm
He was gone two years, two years that I thought would never end
    Cm                 F                     Bbmaj7
Now P.F.C. Williams is just plain old Jimmy again
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       Bb           Dm       D#           F 
But he doesn’t make faces to cheer up the children
    Bb          Dm        D#  F
The way that he used to before
       Bb               Dm         D#          F
And he doesn’t feed the pigeons or sing in the shower
  Bb             Dm       D#   F
I don’t hear his laugh anymore

    D#             C#          D#              C#
His face has grown old and his eyes have grown cold
         Bbmaj7      Fm           G# 
And they tell you of where he has been
                                            Bb   Dm  D#   F
Congratulations, you sure made a man out of him

And I know he won’t finish that tree house he started
A month before he went away
And although he takes me to church every Sunday 
He sits there but he doesn’t pray

He keeps things in sight like they’ve got something to hide
I admit it, you did it, you win
Congratulations, you sure made a man out of him

by: José Duarte
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