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Leeland - Be Lifted High tab

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Leeland Mooring
as performed on 's New Song Cafe

G         Bm(add6)      C9    Bm
Sin and its ways grow old
Am       Am/G           D/F#
All of my heart turns to stone
Em                D         C         Bm
And I'm left with no strength to arise
Am      D(/F#)       Gsus4  G
I need to be lifted high

Sin and its ways lead to pain
Left here with hurt and shame
So no longer will I leave Your side
Jesus You be lifted high

C              Bm
You be lifted high
C              Bm
You be lifted high
Am       Am/G       D/F#    Em   Bm  C
You be lifted high in my life oh God
        Am     Am/G 
And I fall to my knees
       D/F#          Em    Bm   C   (Bm)
So it's You that they see, not I
     Am       D(/F#)  Gsus4   G
Jesus You be lifted high

And even now that I'm inside Your hands
Help me not to grow prideful again
Don't let me forsake sacrifice
Jesus You be lifted high

And if I'm blessed with the riches of kings
How could I ever think that it was me?
For You brought me from darkness to light
Jesus You be lifted high

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