Leeland - Not Afraid Anymore chords

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Not Afraid Anymore
By Leeland                                                              

Tabs by: Markus Andr Henriksen



F#m  E  C#m - B
E  E - E  E 


E              E            A                       
I feel Your lightning waking me up
                E                           A
From the sleep of my timid soul
                    E         A                    
Ive been in hiding from all Your plans
         E                                       A
Your command that told me to go
                 E                   A                      E                       A 
And Ive spent all my life keeping my head down
                    E                A
But Im lifting up my eyes
                 E                           A
I raise my flag up high, my flag up high

               E                            A
Im not afraid anymore
                     E                                   A
Cause I am running with Your fire, Lord
                    E                             A
Im picking up my sword
                        E                                     A
You train my hands and my fingers for war
                              E       A       E       A
Im not afraid anymore


I hear the trumpet ringing out in these streets
Where kingdoms collide
So Im responding
This is a fight for love, this is death or life
And when my knees are weak
I know Your hands are strong
And they are holding me
Ill never be alone, never be alone


E  E  E  A

Youre chasing my fears away
Theres no reason to be afraid
Your love is here chasing my fears away
Your love is here chasing my fears away

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