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Left Out Kid - Penicilin tab

Tabbed by Jon Riley


I really like to play this one it's got some nice chords in it...

 Chords -

 (Dm)  (Cm)  (A#m)  (Dsus)  (Cm)  (Fm) (A#sus)      Key:
E x     x     x       x      x     x     x
A x     x     x       x      x     x     x           / = slide
D 0     0     0       0      0     0     0           p = pull off
G 7     4     3       2      5     5     3
B 6     5     3       3      5     6     5
e 5     3     0       0      0     0     0


    Dm     Cm    A#m   Dsus   A#m   Cm    Dm           Dm           Fm          A#sus           Dsus
 E|-----------------------------------------------    -------------------------------------------------------|
 A|-----------------------------------------------    -------------------------------------------------------|
 D|--0-----0-----0------0-----0-----0-----0-------    --0---0--0-----0---0-0------0---0-0--------0---0-0-----|
 G|--7-----4-----3-------3---3-3---3-5---5-7---7--etc ----------------5-------5----3--------------2----------|
 B|--6-----5-----3--------2-2---3-3---5-5---6-6---    -----6--6---------6-6--6-------5-5------------3-3------|
 e|--5-----3-----0---------0-----0-----0-----0----    ----5--5--7-8----0----3-------0-----3h5p0----0----1-3--|

 Ok thats about all I can remember, it's all around that...and i keep changing how i play it so work it out
 how you'd like it to be.

 copyright belongs to Jon Riley
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