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Leftmore - Paint chords

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                             PAINT - Leftmore
Tabbed by: pwdftw

Tuning: Standard

Leftmore's facebook :

Notes: The extra space I put between certain words is just so I can fit "Dsus2" over the first, 

sorry about it looking messy. Same with the dashes in the middle of a few words. 

G|1/2-2--2-2-2-2-2-2--------|The 1 is kinda a grace note so that you can barely hear it.
And then into this:
Dsus2 D x4

D                               Em
The birds sit on telephone lines making abacus beads 
                 Asus4                           A
And they've been counting up the miles logged on city side streets. 
D                              Dsus2 D           Em   
They've been shifting down the wi----res to make room for more feet; 
Asus4                        A               Bm       G    A
Crows lining up to talk about who they got to meeeeee-eeeeeet.

D                Dsus2 D            Em
I've been having all   these dreams that start when I blink 
      Asus4                                     A
Where you'll drop this burden to the ground and lift your hands to my face. 
D              Dsus2 D          Em   
I'll make some men---tion of my beard marking the days,
Asus4                     A                                 Bm     G   A
you'll just say something like you don't feel like it's that looooooooooong.

D        A      Bm G
So paint me your fool. 
      D         A                      Bm G
I'd be happy to hear you're painting agaaain. 
D        A                 Bm  G
And I'll sit, I'll sit real still
and try to keep on smiling.

[and then play the intro again, but only repeat the "Dsus2 D" twice] 

D                 Dsus2 D                       Em
I've been picking up    to speed, and I've been trying to call this home,
Asus4                                         A
But all the crosses keep me worried along the side of the road.
D                          Dsus2 D         Em
They've been rapping at my win---dows, now they're knocking on my doors;
Asus4                               A                   Bm    G    A
All these ghosts sitting in the fog just trying to bum a smooooooooooke.

D                 Dsus2 D          Em    
I've been getting ti----red, but I can't seem to find my bed,
         Asus4                                A 
And that spot that you once laid in is just a cold, hard grave instead.
D                         Dsus2 D           Em
So, I'm glad that I'm not slee--ping, but I need to find some rest;
Asus4                          A                       Bm   G   A
These words turning in my mind are driving me out of my heeeeeeeead.


Bm                    G                         A
   But like a shotgun spray, the birds flew away. 
Bm                         G         
   Now I've got nothing to count on,
And you, you've got nothing to say.

[play the G in the outro like this: (3 5 5 4 3 3)]
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