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Lemon Demon - Archaeopteryx chords

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I didn't write these, they are from

Bb Eb Bb Eb (x2)
(Bb)    Eb   Bb      Eb
Saw him in a book of fossils
Bb      Eb   Bb       Eb
dancing with some old Apostles.
Bb         Eb     Bb      Gm7
I think if I went back in time
        Ab7*   EbM7
heíd be there, alive,
               Bb      Eb Bb Eb
root of all my jealousy.
Bb Eb Bb Eb
Bb       Eb    Bb  Eb
Grounded in my devastation,
Bb      Eb     Bb Eb
I canít get no aviation.
Bb        Eb       Bb            Gm7
Up in the sky, his grandchildren fly.
        Ab7*    EbM7
I donít sing, I sigh.
               F    Gm
Tell the Archaeopteryx
Bb           A7  Eb
that I never wanted this
Gm            Ahlfdim7Gm
featherhead metropolis.
F    D7    Gm7   D7 Eb
Liar liar, wings on fire.
Bb Eb Bb Eb (x4)
Eb  Bb  Cm7   Gm
Now the clock ticks,
      Eb   Bb   Cm7  Gm
and I hope this will fix
        Eb Bb   Gm7  C9
all the present bird tricks.
Bb        Cm7 Gm        Bb  Eb Bb Eb
Farewell, Mr. Archaeopteryx
Bb Eb Bb Eb (x6)
Bb Eb Bb Eb Ab7* Eb
F Gm Bb Gm
Eb Dm7 Cm7 Gm (x2)
F Gm Bm Gm
Eb Dm7 Cm7 Gm (x2)

*These chords aren't really seventh chords, but rather weird augmented FR +6 (augmented 
There is no possible notation for them, but they only differ from a normal seventh in 
That is that the 5th above the bass is lowered one half-step.
It makes for a very interesting sound.
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