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Lemon Demon - A Schizophrenic Twist chords

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C         Caug   F
Something wasnít right
 Caug    C         Caug       F       Caug C
I barely slept all through the night
    Caug     F       Caug
And when the morning came
      C     Caug    F      Caug
I was lying outside in the rain
C         Caug    F
The spiky nail of darkness
Fm       C        Ab      Eb    F7
Burrowed straight into my heart
C          Caug  F
I tried to use a crowbar
Fm    C    Ab       Eb    F7
But I only pulled myself apart 
Iím easily amused enough
To make it through the day
Iím random and confused enough
   Ab          Bb
To be in total disarray
Tell me that Iím all alone
In thinking that Iím all alone
Iím so completely on my own
     Ab            Bb  C
That everythingís OK

  Caug     F     Fm
I might be on to something
C    AbEb  Bb  C
(Schizophrenic twist)
  Caug       F     Fm
I might just be on something
C    AbEb  Bb  C
(Schizophrenic twist)
    Caug        F       Fm
But somethingís telling me
C         Ab        Eb      Bb 
And donít believe a word of this
    C     Caug        F   
But music sounds much better
Fm     Ab            Ab7
With a schizophrenic twist 
Fm        Ab7
With a guitar.)
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