Lemon Demon - Party On The Moon chords

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I didn't write these, they are from http://wiki.illemonati.com.

C                             B
Mr. Kenji Akitaís got a brand new
Bb                        Eb
Top secret project that I really want to show you
Ab                      Db
I think itís okay if we go and check it out
Just wait until you see, you will wanna take it out
       C                                    B
Itís a red hot, state of art, solar powered spaceship
Bb                             Eb
Donít you wanna turn it on and take a little space trip?
Ab                        Db
Hey, open up the roof and come along with me
Just think, in a little while, we could be
C                         Em
Bounciní up and down in a crater on the moon
       Am                       Fm
Take a good look around, make believe youíre a Selenite
C                       Em
Not a lot to do, so get back around noon
          Am              Fm
ĎCause it waxes up to 2-0-1 degrees Fahrenheit
C                        Em
Everybodyís happy on the big gray ball
        Am                       Fm
You can jump off a cliff, itís a very slow fall
   C                G            Am
So letís all go and party on the moon
(Letís all go and party on the moon)
      C                G            C         Am Fm
Yeah, letís all go and party on the moon, hey!
            Am  Fm            Am  Fm            Am  F    (C)
This is the moon, this is the moon, this is the moon, ah
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