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Lemon Demon - Holy Bison Beaks chords

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I didn't write these, they are from

well, I thought I’d write a little song
so I wrote a little song
then I tried to write some lyrics
but I didn’t last too long
so I figured, why not sing about me
trying to write a song and stuff
and I decided to keep on singing
‘til I had had enough, but then I realized
this song needs a hook

an ironic little

self refrential
catchy freakin’ hook
so I made the chorus

all about how
this song needs a hook
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an ironic little
self refrential hook
and a guitar solo 
[bad guitar solo]
Whoops, hang on, I have to tune this…… ok.
[awesome MIDI guitar solo]
Ugh, stop that. All right, uh…
Oh, I know, let’s do the, um, the bridge. Bri— yeah, bridge. OK?
OK? Anyone? Hello?

(music starts)
C#m           F#m
baby, tell me why
            E                A
why do they call it a bridge anyhow?
you cannot walk on it
it doesn’t have a guard rail
           Bm7            F#7
it doesn’t even hold many cows
Ebm7                        B
this song is sort of caving in on itself
            D                  Ebm7
and so it’s going to end right now
      B D F#
right now
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