Lemon Demon - Dance Like An Idiot chords

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I didn't write these, they are from http://wiki.illemonati.com.

Note: the version played at Lemonic Demonade is in A. Adjust accordingly if you wish.

VERSE (type 1):
    Gm                          Bb
One cold December night back in 1984
  Cm                          Eb             D
A scientist had found himself upon the dance floor
           Gm                           Bb
He started twitching and shaking like a pile of jumping beans
   Cm                              Eb       D        G
At first it looked stupid, but the end justified the means

VERSE (type 2):
       Gm                         Bb           F
Well I know itís not generally considered very cool
   Gm                      Bb           F
To dance like a nitwit, to dance like a fool
    Cm                Eb        D         G  Bb F
But now thatís just a guideline, not a rule

G              Bb                    C
So get off the wall, stand proud and tall
                  Eb            D
Get out there and dance like an idiot
G                 Bb                        C
You know itís all good, so rock the neighborhood
                  Eb            D
Get out there and dance like an idiot 
G Bb F (x2)

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