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Lemon Demon - Bill Watterson chords

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G F# G F#7 (x2)
VERSE (1, 2, 4):
G           F#
Whereíd you go
     G        F#7
When you were done?
  Am        D
Iíd like to know
     C      Bm (D 4th time)
What youíve become 
     Em       A7
It's plain to see
       D7        G
You're scared of me
    A7         B
But that's not how
     Em          D
It's supposed to be
G         F#     C                     Bm    E    Ab7 A7- C# D F# G
Donít you know I think that youíre the catís meow?
            F#    C                Bm    E    Ab7 A7- C# D F# G
Whereís the tiger now? Whereís the tiger now?
     F#         C         D        G
Bill Watterson, canít you hear me? 
     F#         C            D       G
Bill Watterson, please donít fear me
      F#            C      D       Em
Donít treat me like I have rabies
  A7         D         F#G
I only wanna have your babies
C                  Am
Oh, you want me to show
how much I believe that
C               Am
you fly far and go
to meet you through
thunderstorms and snow
Well, I will do anything
    C                  Am
and though I happen to know
The reason youíre hiding
C      Am
From publicity:
It's not out of eccentricity
                C            Am
But rather from privacy when you
Are with me
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