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Lemon Demon - Ebaums World Dot Com chords

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I'm only reuploading this because the last one someone uploaded was pretty off!

once upon a time
on the Internet there was a guy
  Cmaj7       Gmaj9
a very deeply flawed man
     B7              Em
they called him Eric Bauman
   A     D     G      C
he was a total asshole
    B            Em
and nobody knows why

it wasn’t fair
      D         Gmaj7
to those from whom he stole
but did he care?
     D       Gmaj7
no not one bit
             A        Cm
and then he had the nads
    G          A7
to sell some ads
C               B
what a piece of shit
oh, Eric

E7             A7
Ebaumsworld is going down
   Dmaj7                  Bm7
we gotta rise up from the underground
         E7            A7
and tell Eric Bauman a thing or two
         Dmaj7           Bm7
bout how stealing simply isn’t cool
   E7                     A7
so right now we’re making that our mission
    Dmaj7           Bm7
and if that bastard doesn’t listen
E7                A7
we’ll get sick of being lawful
    Fmaj7               B7
and brand his ass with “SOMETHING AWFUL”

Em       B7  Em
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