Lemon Demon - Elvis Porn chords

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E G C G A A  C C  A A  G G (x4)

Em      C      Am7     Em      C        Am   
Tiptoed up the stairs, climbed into the attic
G         C            D           Am    G       C     B (x2)
Opened up my Grandma’s trunk, well isn’t this dramatic?

E5 [E G C G A C A G bass](x4) 

B5                          Em                A  D
   There was a label on the side reading “E.A.P.”
B5                 Em                    A    D  
   I wondered to myself, What could this be?
  B7                          Em
I dashed to my projector with excitement in my eyes
    A7                              B7
And as the footage rolled it rather took me by surprise

       Em    A       D7     G7
‘cause Elvis Porn is what I viewed
Em       A       D7             G7
There he was, completely in the nude
CM7                    B7
Strumming his guitar, quivering his lips
A7                            B7
Singing in the microphone and shaking his hips
    E     A     D7        G
Oh, Elvis Porn, holy guacamole
    CM7                Dm               G7
The big fat buck naked king of rock and roll,
       CM7                             B
he was devoid of any clothes, with his naughty bits exposed 
A7                     B     Em
Oh, what a sight, that Elvis Porn 
   A7                        B 
No blue suede shoes covering up his little toes,
   CM7                 B
no white jumpsuit, and nobody knows
    A9               B     Em
the tale behind this Elvis Porn
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