Lemon Demon - Run Harry Run chords

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Am                             G               C
Harry Potter spent his summers waiting for the fall;
     F                                       G                 Am               
He’d count the days, and dream each night of Hogwarts’ distant call.
                                       G               C
The Dursley’s, Harry’s relatives, were wretched as can be-a;
   F                                      G              C
He prayed each night to Satan that they’d die from gonhorrea.
    F            C                  G                   Am
But one day he recieved a note that Hogwarts had burned down:
    F                  C                G            Am
“Oh no!” he cried, and quickly donned a disappointed frown.
   F                    C                   G                 Am
He trashed his room and tore his books, and then went for his trunk,
    F                 C                  G                    E7
But Dumbledore popped out and bellowed, “Harry! You’ve been Punk’d!”

Am          G           Dm  F
Run, Harry, run, Harry, run!
Am                  G                F                C
You killed your headmaster, now your problem’s just begun!
Am          G           Dm7         C
Run, Harry, run, Harry, run, Harry, run!
Am               G         F
Who can fend off Voldemort now?
No one.
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