Lemon Demon - Sky Is Not Blue chords

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FM7 Am CM7 Eb
Gm7 BbM7 F7 Am 
F Am CM7 Eb (x2)
  F              Am                 C
I made you these construction paper dolls,
                 Eb                     F
connected by the hands with tiny little faces,
             Am               C
and now Iíll hang them on the walls
                   Eb                    F
so you can see the people filling up the spaces. 
          Am          C           Eb             G
I think I am the only one to ever realize that I am
                Bb             F7
the only one to realize whatís true.
                      Am         Ab
When all the world is stuck in a jam:
    (Ab)G  F#  F   Am C Eb
The sky is not blue. 
F Am C Eb
    Am            Ab          G
Iím setting up my tiny little town,
              F#                      F
a Lego set in which Iím planning to retire.
            E7             Am
Itís really time I settled down,
                 C7                F
but not before I set everything on fire, 
          Am                  C
put on my boots, and stamp it out.
           Eb                  Gm7
The little yellow people donít care.
                    Bb         F7
They never did, and they never do,
                     Am               F
and yet they seem to speak with their stare.
             Am             C
They tell me things I canít deny.
             Eb               Gm7
They tell me Iím a sap, Iím a square.
                      Bb      F7
They tell me things I already knew.
                    Am           Ab
The greatest of the secrets they share:
--             F   Am C Eb
The sky is not blue 
F Am C Eb (x3, fade)

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