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Lemonator - The Best Friends tab

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Lemonator - The Best Friends

I added a small small tab on the guitar notes played in the intro and
instrumental. Play the chord, then pick the strings. I know it is not correct, maybe I
will make a correct tab of the picking sometime in the future. Until then, enjoy this.

C7M: x32000

Intro and middle instrumental "tab":
E (022100)

E C C7M x4

Verse 1:
E                         C       C7M
After midnight pitch black dark
E                         C       C7M
I can't remember where you are
E                       C         C7M
There's no answer to my call
E                               C           C7M
That call's the beginning of the fall

E C C7M x2

E                     C    C7M       E
It's hard to take it after all this time
                       C     C7M      E
That you 've been my one and only light
                      C       C7M         E
I light a candle to lead me through this night
                             C               D               E
After all, we're still the best friends no matter where you are
                          C          D                   E
Oh yes we are the best friends, the best friends there are


Verse 2: (chords as verse 1)
I hold this dark side in my heart
I'm trying hard but its hard to talk
To heal these little tiny scars
That we've placed upon our two hearts



Tabbed by Alexander Strukelj
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