Lemuria - Clay Baby chords

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Clay Baby
The Distance Is So Big
2013 Bridge 9 Records
Submitted by: jeremyunderground41@yahoo.com

Key: C

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
C     x32010
G/B   x2x003
G     320003
Am    x02210
F     133211
Dm    xx0231
E     022100

Verse 1:
C           G/B
  Clay baby I don't mind
  You deserve a marvelous life
C                     G/B
  But I don't want to come 
       Dm        F
home to  federal architecture
C           G/B
  Clay baby I realize
  You deserve a convivial life
C                     G/B
  But I don't want to come 
       Dm      F
home to  grim arithmetic

Dm         Am        F
  Drunk on my destiny
Dm    Am        F
  Paramount love
Dm              Am
  She takes the air
 out of my world
Dm        Am  
  I can't breath without her

Verse 2:
C        G/B      F
  Facing your back I can 

always tell when you're 
crying Your voice gets so 
G/B        Dm      F
positive so  compensating
C                  G/B
  You just want to feel the love
  The same love that you give
C                   G/B
  Is it really that much
           Dm F
to ask for?   Yes it is

(Repeat Chorus)

Am  Dm  G G/B Am
F  E G Am  
F  E G Am(hold)
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