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Lene Marlin - Another Day tab

Lene Marlin - Another Day

standard tuning
capo on 1st fret

Intro:   F  C Am  G   x2

(Verse 1)

F       C  Am                 G
 Lie to me, say that you need me
F       G            Am 
 That's what I wanna hear
F        C   Am             G  
 That is what would make me happy
F G              Am
  Hoping you are near

(Bridge 1a)

E        Am
All this time
F           Am
How could I know
F             Am          G      
 Within these walls I can feel you


C          (C)
Another day goes by
Am                   G
Will never know just wonder why
F           Am
You made me feel good
F       Am  G
Made me smi-ile
C           (C)
I see it now and I
Am                           G
Can say it's gone that would be a lie
F           Am        F                 Am  G   
Cannot cont-rol this, this thing called l - ove

(Verse 2)

F         C     Am            G    
 You must think, how can this be
F G                Am 
  You don't really know me
F        C    Am             G    
 I can't tell this ain't the time
F G                  Am
  You'll never be mine

(Bridge 1b)

E          Am
What can I say 
F               Am
Something 'bout my life
F      Am       G
I just lost again


(Bridge 2)

Am     G            C  
Always have to move on
   G               F
To leave it all be-hind
Am            G
Go along with time


Play out with intro chords and rhythm:  F C Am G (repeat to fade)

Note:1) The (C) chord is  020010
     2) In the last playing of the chorus; strum C, Am and G on the
words 'Another', 'Will' and 'Wonder' respectively before continuing with the
usual rhythm.
     3) Would also say, throughout the song emphasise playing on the thinner
strings more than the thicker ones.

Hope this is right and does the sexiest woman in europe justice!!!
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