Leng Tche - Initiate Murder Sequence tab

Leng Tch'e: Initiate Murder Sequence
Off of Death by A Thousand Cuts
Tabbed by Girdnygrind (Alex)
(c) The Spew Records

h = hammer on
p = pull off
. = palm mute
" = tremelo

Riff A: (0:00)
B |-----------------------------|
D |-----------------------------|
A |0--3-2-3-2-5-3-0--3-2-7-7-5-5|
E |0--3-2-3-2-5-3-0--3-2-7-7-5-5|
A |0--3-2-3-2-5-3-0--3-2-7-7-5-5|(x2)

Riff B:(0:07)
B |---------------------------------|
D |---------------------------------|
A |0--1h2p1-0--1h2p1-0-1h2p1-3-2-5-3|
E |0--1h2p1-0--1h2p1-0-1h2p1-3-2-5-3|
A |0--1h2p1-0--1h2p1-0-1h2p1-3-2-5-3|(x1)

Riff A: (0:10)(x2)

Riff B: (0:17)(x1)

Riff C: (0:21)
B |------------------------------------------------|
D |------------------------------------------------|
A |0-00-00-00-1-00-00----3--0-00-00-00-1-00-0-3-5-6|
E |0-00-00-00-1-00-00-3h5-5-0-00-00-00-1-00-0-3-5-6|
A |0-00-00-00-1-00-00-------0-00-00-00-1-00-0-3-5-6|(x4)

Riff A: (0:46)

Three riffs is all it is.
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