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Lets Wrestle - Im In Love With Destruction chords

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Let's Wrestle - I'm In Love With Destruction

tab by Ollietherocker

E          A           F#m           
I'm gonna sleep off my shame,
E          A        F#m
I will cross off my name!
E          A                  F#m
I'm going on and I'm not coming back,
uh huh.

Verse 1

E                   A                  C#m                
You've embarrassed me, you embarrassed yourself,
            F#m                F#
oh, those words just make me melt,
    C#m           B
oh, baby come over here.

E                  A                    C#m
and you know I'm in love with destruction,
you know I've only got one function,
        C#m                 B    
and that's to mess things up.


Verse 2

E          A            C#m
I didn't know it was such a big deal,
I do care how you feel,
C#m                         B
I never knew someone could feel so much.

E            A            C#m
And you know I like to moan
F#                    F#m
But darling start pickin' up the phone,
C#m                         B
And I just don't know what to do now.


B                   A
You stopped caring,
since I messed things up!
Yes, I messed things up!

B                 A
You stopped caring,
Since I messed things up.
Yes, I messed things up.

B x4


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