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Lettermen - Traces Of Love tab

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Song: Traces of Love
Artist: The Lettermen

INTRO:     Bm   Bm7/A   G#m7-5   Gmaj7

           Bbmaj9   Eb6   Em7   A7sus4   A7

Verse 1:

	D           F#m
	Faded photographs
	 Am               B7
	Covered now with lines and creases
	Em               C
	Tickets torn in half
	C#m7-5               F#
	Memories in bits and pieces

Chorus 1:

	Bm        Bm7/A     G#m7-5
	Traces of love long ago
	     Gmaj7           Bbmaj9   Eb6
	That didn't work out right
	          Em7     A7sus4 A7
	Traces of love

Verse 2:

	Ribbons from her hair
	Souvenirs of days together
	The ring she used to wear
	Pages from an old love letter

Chorus 2:

	Traces of love long ago
	That didn't work out right
	          Em7      A7sus4 A7     D
	Traces of love with   me     tonight


	Bm          F#m
	I close my eyes
	Bm         F#m
	And say a prayer
	Bm                 F#m
	That in her heart she'll find
	    G                  A
	A trace of love still there

Sax solo (verse chord pattern, in Eb):

          Eb      Gm       Bbm       C7

          Fm       Db     Dm7-5      G7

Chorus 3:

	Cm       Cm7/Bb       Am7-5
	Traces of hope in the night
	     Abmaj7               Bmaj9   E6
	That she'll come back and dry
	These traces of tears
	Bb7sus4 Bb7  Eb
	From    my   eyes

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