Levellers - Together All The Way chords

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Awesome song.  anyway here you go...

Intro - Em D. -  as fiddle plays over..

            Em     D      Em                            D           C
You taste a drink in your home town, you smile for the things you know,
      Em    D        C      Em                 D        C    Em             
thats when you were playin, games you couldnt hope to play, games you 
         D       C       G
couldnt hope to play, today..

But dare you look to the future,
You see the pages turned today,
your hope for tomorow, is to smile anyway
aw smile anyway.. today

          C  D     Em           C   D    Em       C      G
But dont pray to a god, coz were in this together all the way,
         Em          D                  C             D   
from the old to the young and from the cradle to the grave,
C    D    Em                  C   D     Em   C       G
look to yourself. coz theres plenty of wealth in us all,
       Em             D               C             D       
If we fight the good fight then were gonna have to fall... hey!
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