Libertines - I Love You But Youre Green tab

I love you (but you're green)
The libertines

Little intro bit. Also played between verses.


Intro:  G   Bm   C   D

G Bm             C  D
I was a troubled teen

G          Bm          C      D
who put an advert in a magazine

       G            Bm           C   D
to the annoyance of my imaginary lover

    G           Bm
she doubted my integrity

    C                D
and this is what she said to me:

 G  Bm           C  D
"Oh, you, you're green

                    G       Bm
you don't know what love means

            C      D
well let me tell you

   G           Bm
it tickles you pink

       C       D
Oh yeah but it likes to hear you scream

G        Bm              C                          D
Fire and damnation, lamentations for the likes of you"

G  G/F# Em

and when she goes

Em          A
just let her go

Em             A
if she said shes going

Em                A
just make sure she goes

Make sure she goes

*Little intro bit*

*Verse 2*


*Little intro bit again*

*verse 2 lyrics*

I was a troubled teen
Untroubled only in my daydreams
to the annoyance of somebody or other
they doubted my philosophy
now this is what they said to me
"oh you you'll soon be up where you belong
But it's blood from broken hearts
that wrote the words to every song"
A beatific smile for ???

But I, only I, only I...
I can see the serpent
oh you you're green
you don't know what love means
Oh let me tell you
Tickles you pink...

OK that's it now. Hope thats ok. Thanks for looking. This was all my own work. Bye bye
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