Libertines - Bucket Shop tab

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Disappionted no one has done this already so tried to do it myself, corrections more than welcome.

Intro  Am	G#m	Gm	F#m	Fm	E	Am	*

* E 0
  A 7
  D 6
  G 5
  B 0
  E 0

Am	           G#m
First stop was the bucket shop 
   Gm                      F#m
To pick the pieces of your life up 
And scream looking glad 
      E	              Am	*
Since all that you despised 

You're thinking back to the Chicken Shack 
And the smashing of the glass 
And the knife in the back, well 
My boy who would've believed your lies? 
All your lies? 
       Am             Dm          Gm-G#m-Am
And no-one's going to sell you any a-li-bis 
You dirty small town girls 
How I wish you were here now 
And show me how to be the man, 
I'm your man 
            Gm               F#
As only you can, as only you can 
My White City girl 
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