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Lifehouse - Running Away tab

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Lifehouse - Running Away                    tabbed by 2Luke

really good song i just had to tab.
hope you enjoy.

tuning - half step down. <=- tuning !!!

Chords used:

      c#m7    Bsus     E5     D#/E     B5     G#m7    F#sus   Esus   A#/B

there are 2 types of B and E chords - Bsus & B5, Esus & E5.
DOnt mix them up!


c#m7  Bsus  E5   D#/E   Bsus   G#m7  (x2)

Verse 1

c#m7  Bsus  E5   D#/E   Bsus   G#m7
lost  my    step fell   back   down

c#m7  Bsus  E5     D#/E    Bsus   G#m7
lost  my    breath chasing you    around
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c#m7  Bsus  E5   D#/E   Bsus  G#m7
ea -  sy    said hard   to    do

           c#m7   Bsus  E5
my pride's half - way   dead 

     D#/E   Bsus   G#m7
am I half - way    you


      B5                A#/B
and I never thought I'd be the one

who would have to come back down

now I'm running away

F#sus                        Esus
running away back on the ground

    B5          A#/B
and everytime I lost my way

you were there to break my fall

now I'm running away

F#sus                      Esus
running away to leave it all

verse 2 (same chords as verse 1)

wait for me
I fell behind
this is my best try
it's not enough
and it will never be
if it's good enough for you
then that's good enough for me

Verse 3

F#sus     G#m7
I wanna see

    Esus               F#sus              c#m7
the one who's standing right in front of me

         G#m7             Esus
the only peace that I can find

              G#m7         F#sus
and know that only you can be


this tab goes out to my boys the BOB of USP.
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