Lights - Up Up And Away chords

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			   Up Up and Away - Lights
Tabbed by: Jerkzillaaa

Capo 3rd fret
Standard tuning
*play this along with the live version not the album version

Em       D     G
We had a rocket
     Em         D     G
That fell out of orbit
Em          D    G
We couldn't stop it
Em           D      G
We couldn't control it
Em       D         G
We ran a good course
Em       D         G
It was a good flight
    Em         D        G
But I felt the hard force
Em         D       G
Holding me too tight

       C       G         D
We are rockets in the sky
        C       G        D
We are planets passing by
C      G      D
Up up and away
Forget me
G             D
Go your own way

Em          D         G
Sometimes a heart cools
Em        D       G
After the ship goes
    Em            D         G
And sometimes the mind fools
Em       D        G
Only the body knows


[INTERLUDE:] G D G D G Em G D Am D (not positive about that part)

[CHORUS (x2)]

[ENDING] Em D G x2 (end on G)
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