Lights - Everybody Breaks A Glass chords

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Song: Everybody Breaks A Glass
Artist: LIGHTS
Album: Unreleased

I absolutely love this song; Lights has done a brilliant job lyrically, but the 
production on this is ridiculously cool. To get the drums and synth to that gritty 8-bit-esque 
sound must've been a challenge. Looking forward to hearing the new album :)

I did my best getting the chords in the right places, and they're pretty close, but 
don't follow their timing over the words 100% - only like 96% ;)

As for the F(C?) thing that appears a couple times in this tab, I'm just not quite sure 
what the chord is. Without the track, I think an F sounds best. With it, I have no clue. 
You guys can decide for yourselves :)

Am                       G    Am
 It's not a solid, not a soft thing
Am                          G    C
 To pull the wool up like a smokescreen
C                      G  C
 Nobody does it like a prophet
C                              G    F(C?)
 It's gone before you know you lost it
Am                               G     Am
 There are reasons you keep your hands tied
Am                                    G    C
 There's certain things you shouldn't have tried
C                        G   C
 So if you gotta tell me something
C                         G  F(C?)
 You better go from the beginning

Am   G             C          Em                 Am
  We all forget to sleep, and crash at someone's feet
C         Em      F
Everybody skips a beat
Am   G               C         Em             Am
  We let the chances pass, the few we held so fast
C         Em       F
Everybody breaks a glass

Am                            G  Am
 And here I'm standing in the middle
Am                       G    C
 Not just a little but a hill full
C                      G    C
 Wondering how I got a head cold
C                           G F(C?)
 Wishing I didn't know what I know
Am                         G Am
 It's never been about the money
Am                          G  C
 We're worthy or we are not worthy
C                        G    C
 However much you got on your plate
C                          G  F(C?)
 You're as good as you reciprocate

Am  G              C        Em                Am
 We all pretend to keep our tongue out of our cheek
C              Em        F
Everyone's the fool they seek
Am  G              C          Em               Am
 We all go off the track, and feel for our way back
C         Em       F
Everybody breaks a glass
Am  C         Em       F
    Everybody breaks a glass

Instrumental and Rap Section: Am, G, Am (Repeat this progression)

Am    G               C         Em              Am
 Somewhere perfection lies, but not for you and I
C         Em         F
Everybody trips sometime
Am     G                C            Em         Am
 When cities fall like shacks, walls eventually crack
C         Em       F
Everybody breaks a glass
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