Lil Wayne - Drop The World chords

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Artist: Lil Wayne ft. Eminem
Song: Drop the World
Album: Rebirth

Capo 1

Intro: Em Em G D/F# x2

 I got ice in my veins, blood in my eyes
G                D/F#
 Hate in my heart, love in my mind
 I seen nights full of pain, days of the same
G                     C
 You keep the sunshine, save me the rain
 I search but never find, hurt but never cry
   G                             D/F#
 I work and forever try, but Iím cursed, so never mind
 And itís worse, but better times seem further and beyond
     G                   C
 The top gets higher the more that I climb
 The spot gets smaller, and I get bigger
       G                           D/F#
 Tryna get into where I fit in, no room for a n*gga
 But soon for a n*gga it be on, muíf*cka
        G                            C
 ĎCause all the bullshit, it made me strong, muíf*cka

      Em                                         C             G D/F#
 So I pick the world up and Iíma drop it on your f*ckiní head
             Em                                         C             G C
 Bitch, Iíma pick the world up and Iíma drop it on your f*ckiní head
     Em                             C              G                         D/F#
 And I could die now, rebirth motherf*cker, hop up in my spaceship and leave Earth, motherf*cker
     Em          C           G     C 
 Iím gone, motherf*cker, Iím gone

 I know what they donít wanna tell you
 G                           D/F#
 Just hope youíre heaven-sent, and youíre hell-proof
 I-I walk up in the world and cut the lights off
 G                           C
 And confidence is the stain they canít wipe off
 Huh, my word is my pride
 G                           D/F#
 But wisdom is bleak, and thatís a word from the wise
 Served to survive, murdered and bribed
     G                              C
 And when it got too heavy I put my burdens aside


    Em                                                  C
 It hurts, but I never show this pain youíll never know
    G                           D/F#
 If only you could see just how lonely and how cold
     Em                                          C
 And frostbit Iíve become, my backís against the wall
      G                                C
 When push come to shove, I just stand up and scream ďf*ck Ďem allĒ

        Em                                                  C
 Man, it feels like these walls are closing in, this roof is caving in
 G                              D/F#
 up its time to razor-thin your days are numbered like pagers and
    Em                                                             C
 My book of rhymes, got Ďem cookiní, boy this crooked mind of mine got Ďem all Shook and
 G                                     C
 Scared to look in my eyes I stole that f*ckiní clock I took the time and I

Em                                                     C
 Came up from behind and pretty much snuck up And butt-f*cked this game up
G                                    D/F#
 Better be careful when you bring my name up f*ck this fame, that ainít what
Em                                                               C
 I came to claim but the game ainít gonna be the same on the day that I leave it
 G                                   C
 But I swear one way or another Iíma make these f*ckiní haters believe that

   Em                                                      C
 I swear to God, wonít spare the rod Iím a man of my word, so your f*ckiní 
       G                                 D/F#
 Heads better nod Or Iíma f*ck around in this bitch and roast everybody
 Em                                                      C
 Sleep on me, that pillow is where your headíll lie permanently, bitch,
      G                             C
 Itís beddy-bye this world is my Easter egg, yeah, prepare to die

    Em                                                  C
 My head is swole, my confidence is up this stage is my pedestal
       G                                 D/F#
 Iím unstoppable, incredible hope youíre trapped in my medicine ball
         Em                                          C
 I could run circles around you so fast your f*ckiní headíll spin, dog
G                              C
 I split your cabbage and your lettuce and olives Iíll f*ckiní


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