Lil Wayne - How To Love chords

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Sup what's up!

Song: How to Love
Artist: Lil Wayne
Album: How to Love
Year: 2011

Found this song, great one, and also that there are only four chords through the whole 
song. Really easy actually.

Capo 4

I'm not sure if the "D/F" is called D/F since it's not really a D/F to 100%,
though it sounds great, if not perfect, to me.

  G         D/F       Em        Cm
e|-3--|   e|-2--|   e|-0--|   e|-3--|
B|-3--|   B|-3--|   B|-0--|   B|-4--|
G|-0--|   G|-0--|   G|-0--|   G|-5--|
D|-0--|   D|-0--|   D|-2--|   D|-5--|
A|-2--|   A|-0--|   A|-2--|   A|-3--|
E|-3--|   E|-2--|   E|-0--|   E|-x--|

The song starts on G and ends on Cm.
As I said, the song has only four chords, and they are played in the same order the 
whole song. So it's really easy.

Please enjoy :)
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