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Lindsay Lohan - La Bella Vita tab

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Lindsay Lohan
A Beautiful Life (La Bella Vita)
A Little More Personal
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Key: A

Beat: 3/4

Tuning: Drop D

Chords used: for Drop D
A -    777600
Bm -   999x00
D -    000200
F#m -  444200
E -    222100
B/Eb - 121x00
A/C# - x47600
E/G# - 676x00

Chords used: for Standard EADGBe
A -    x02220
Bm -   x24432
D -    xx0232
F#m -  244222
E -    022100
B/Eb - x698xx
A/C# - x476xx
E/G# - 476xxx

Intro: F#m-A-D x2

Guitar 2:
D|--------------------------| x2

Verse 1:
F#m   A             D
  God wonít talk to me
  A           Bm     D
I guess she's pretty busy lately
F#m       A         D
  But I'd like to believe
      B/Eb     D
She's lis--te--ning
F#m    A          D
  I'm starting to feel
A         Bm       D
All of my bruises imagined or real
F#m        A           D
  And I'll get through each day
I dig through the bad ones
To get to the good ones
Bm                     D
Who's keeping score anyway

Chorus 1:
            D            E
And this is my beautiful life
           Bm         A/C#       D
Only thing certain is everything changes
                 D                       E/G#
The lows and the highs And all those goodbyes
              Bm          A/C#        D
As hard as it gets I know itís still amazing
To be alive
D(hold)            F#m-A-D
  It's a beautiful life

Verse 2:
F#m A           D
  I talk in my sleep
A              Bm
Thatís the one place I
know no one can hear me
F#m A           D
  I tell myself things
Don't walk in the shadows
there's always tomorrow
    Bm                      D
And I'm right where I wanna be

(Repeat Chorus 1 except last line)

Oh it hurts while it happening
I wanna feel everything
B/Eb                      D(hold)
How can you know till you try?
            D            E   Bm-A/C#-D
And this is my beautiful life

Chorus 2:
D            E
My beautiful life
Only thing sudden is
A/C#       D
everything changes
Lows and the highs
And all those goodbyes
As hard as it gets I
     A/C#        D
know itís still amazing
       B/Eb D(hold)
To be alive

                 F#m A D
It's a beautiful life
(Repeat x4)
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