Lindsey Haun - Broken chords

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This is my first tab, and I am 99% sure that it is correct. I've played it along with 
the actual song like, a billion times to make sure it's correct. Enjoy!


F#m                 A                          D
Wake up to a sunny day, not a cloud up in the sky
And then it starts to rain
F#m                  A                          D
My defenses hit the ground and they shatter all around
So open and exposed


D                       F#m
I found strength in the struggles
D                    B
Face to face with my troubles

            D  A        E             F#m
When you're broken in a million little pieces
            D  A               G
And you're tryin but you can't hold on anymore
      D  A       E          F#m
Every tear falls down for a reason
G                           D
Don't you stop believin' in yourself
            D  E A G F#m
When you're broken

(verse 2)

F#m                       A                           D
Little girl don't be so blue, I know what you're goin through
Don't let it beat you up
F#m                       A                             D
Hitting wall and getting scars, Only makes you who you are
Only makes you who you are


D                                F#m
No matter how much your heart is aching
D                      B
There is beauty in the breaking



A                     G
Better days are gonna find you once again
D                          B
Every piece will find it's place
A              G D              A G     D
When you're broken, when you're broken, mmmm.


G                 D     E
Oh when your broken
A         G    D   A         G   D
When your broken, when your broken
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