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Little Big Town - A Little More You tab

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Standard Tuning [No Capo]


D                  C                   G            D
don't you want to dive on in yeah the water feels right
D                C                    G        D
dancing on the edge of love your a beautiful sight
D                   C                   G          D
so why you just standing there in the half moon-light 
D      C     G                     D             
c'mon baby give me a little more you

 G           D
I'm here fallin for ya
 C          G
my hearts callin' for ya
G               D
I know i never can get enough 
  C                  G
don't hold back one bit of your love 
G            D
strong and steady for ya 
C          G             C   G                     D                     
i'm all ready, come on baby give me a little more you.

I just sounded these out and i'm pretty sure they keep the basic tune! 
Thanks for reading this i appreciate it! -Tito
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