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Little Joy - Play The Part chords

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			     Play The Part - Little Joy
Sooo this is my First tab..thought I should take a shot at it.
Most of these chords are pretty bendy on your fingers. Learned it by ear and it took me 
foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and I think its pretty accurate! Enjoy.

Tabbed by: BoyArmed

Tuning: Standard

BE aware On the chords he plays a bass note for each chord. Youll get it.







A7add13 -5-5-5-6-7-x-

D7M9 -x-5-4-6-5-x-

D9 -x-5-4-5-4-x-

Bbdim -5-x-5-6-5-x-

Bm7 -7-9-9-7-7-x-

D/A -5-x-7-7-7-x-

Fdim -0-x-2-0-0-x-



D               F#m
Spending time......

G6                Gm6
  Convinced that its mine

D               Gm6                    D
 With her, just to keep her out of mind

Em9         A7add13
Still I'll..take care, too see

Which way the wind blows, notice how her hair curls

Em9     A7add13
Pay--no-mind, tooo the..

clown that sits too your side, content to yield despite pride

Em9    A7add13
He's a fool too ah

D7M9                            D9
sume you'd spare a thought, I'm a thief who's just been caught

G6                Gm6       D7M9
I doooon't...Find it Funny anymoooore.

G6                       Bbdim
And sooo I wont play the part

           Bm7    D/A
I played before

Gm6 (Strum dont pluck)
Oh nooo....

Em9        A7add13 you


Mmm I doooont

Gm6                    D7M9
See him laughing anyway

G6                   Bbdim          Bm7    D/A
And So i wont play a part in your mistakes

Gm6 (Strum)
Noo wayyyyy

Em9          A7add13

D7M9           D9
Youuu Stayyyyyy

Outro (OOO's)


end on and strum: DM79
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