Little Man Tate - You And Me Might Be Alright You Know tab

|Little Man Tate
|You and me might be alright you know
|Le mouv
|Tabbed by \,.robbie.,/
|email =
|This is a demo but I tabbed it anyway cos I like it

^ = strummed from low E to high E
| = strummed from high E to low E
x = palm muted
> = let ring

C = x32010
C6= x32210
C7= x32310
Am= x02210
G = 320003
G7= 320001
F = xx3211
Fmaj7= xx3210
? = x22010       (soz i don't know the name of this chord)
?C7?             (soz about this chord too, i don't know what it is but you can get away 
C7, email me if you get it)

Most of the chords are strummed:

     ^ | ^

Chords marked * are strummed:

     ^ | ^ |

Chords marked ** are strummed:



C** C C C C C6 C6 C6 C6 Am Am G G F Fnaj7 F Fmaj7


   C              C             C          C
I still like the way, that your always late,
  C6               C6           C6        C6
When I’m picking you up, and I cannot wait,
   Am               Am          Am          Am
It feels like we’re going on our very first date,
    G           G7
And you look beautiful.

Join: C C C C

  C         C           C          C
I sit in my car and put the stereo on,
          C6           C6           C6        C6
I left the tape at the start of our favourite song
 Am         Am         Am                Am
I’ve got an hour and a half to prove you wrong
         G             G7
So I say you look beautiful

Pre Chorus:
C C C7 C*
                        Don’t know the name
Chorus:                  Look at the top of page
F      F                  C      ?     Am      Am
  It doesn’t mean ill be any different realy but,
F         F      G          G    C      C
I like you, and we kind of get along
?C7?   ?C7?      F      F       G     G
Oooh I like you, and we kind of get along.


Verse:  only 2 C in “join”


So you said that you miss me and you want me to stay,
Ill do what I can to make every day great,
I promise I won’t make the same old mistakes,
‘cos you’re just beutiful

(from join onwards in verse)

Chorus: Same as before but…

…?C7?   ?C7?      F**            G**          C**
…Oooh I like you, and we kind of get a long
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